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Wirefree Motorhome GSM Habitation Alarm with PIR and Door Contact

Wirefree Motorhome GSM Habitation Alarm with PIR and Door Contact



This alarm protects the habitation space of your motorhome with a wirefree PIR motion detector which detects someone moving around inside your motorhome and a wirefree magnetic door/window contact that can be used to protect a door, window or external locker. The movement sensor can easily be switched off so you can still have the alarm armed while you are inside, thus offering protection for external lockers.
Additional sensors are available and you can use as many as 10 in total.

Wireless Sensors
The sensors are battery powered and link to the control unit via a radio signal so there are no wires to run around your motorhome other than power for the main control unit.

Remote Control Operation
There is no ugly keypad on display, just two wireless keyring remote controls like you would have for a car alarm, simply press the button to arm and disarm. There is also a button to set the alarm off instantly (panic alarm).

GSM for phone and text messages*
The alarm has a built in GSM (mobile phone) system that allows you to control it from your mobile phone by sending text messages so if you go out and realise you have forgotten to arm the alarm you don’t need to return to your motorhome, just send the alarm a text message and it is done. You can also send a message at any time to get the alarms status (armed or disarmed) and check that the external power is present.

It does more than that though, if the alarm is triggered it can ring or send a text message alert to up to 3 different numbers and will even tell you which sensor triggered it. You can even programme the names of the sensors so if you have multiple magnetic contacts for example it could tell you that locker 1 had been opened.

Loud electronic siren
The compact but very loud siren has an ear piercing tone and won’t go unnoticed.

Built in backup battery
The alarm has a built in battery to keep it running if the main power from your leisure battery or mains hookup fails.

Easy Installation
Only two wires need connecting for positive and negative 12 volt power to the main control unit. The control unit doesn’t need to be on view or easily accessible once installed so it can go anywhere that is convenient as long as it is dry. The wireless PIR sensor comes with an adjustable bracket that can be screwed to a suitable surface and the door/locker contact comes with sticky backed pads to secure it.

*For the GSM functions you will require a SIM card, this can be on the Vodafone or O2 network and can be a contract SIM or Pay As You Go. Credit will only be used when the alarm actually communicates with you.


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