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Sniper Parking Sensors Kit 4 Black Sensors with Wireless Display

Sniper Parking Sensors Kit 4 Black Sensors with Wireless Display


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Out of stock

Wireless display and 4 black sensors and audible and visual distance warning.

Reverse in confidence and prevent accidental bumps with this high quality wireless display 4 sensor parking sensor kit from Sniper Automotive. With wireless display to eliminate the need to run a cable the length of the vehicle.

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The sensors are activated automatically when you put your car into reverse gear and the colour LED display will alert you visually and audibly about how close you are to an object.

Installing the parking sensors is very easy, the wires from the waterproof sensors just plug in to the main control unit with only 2 wires to connect to the reversing light circuit and two wires to power the display – no cable to run between the display and the control box. We’ve even included a hole cutting drill bit to cut the correct diameter hole for the sensors and the generous cable lengths ensure compatibility with most vehicles.

Colour coding
The sensors are supplied in black but can be colour coded by using a spray can or brush on paint.


  • Audible warning and visual display of distance from obstacle
  • All weather design
  • Easy to install
  • Detection distance 2.5 – 0.5 meters
  • Working temp -20 to 80C
  • RF Frequency 433MHz

Kit includes:

  • 4 Black sensors with 2.5 meter cables
  • Wireless LED display – just needs power connecting
  • Control unit
  • Hole cutting drill bit
  • Sticky pad for mounting control unit
  • English instructions

Installation layout:

[url]guide_car_parking_sensors.php[/url]Frequently Asked Questions about Parking Sensors

User/Installation Instructions


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