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Sniper 16″ Travel TV (SN-1604-E), 178° viewing angle, Bluetooth, DVD, Satellite & Freeview receiver.

Sniper 16″ Travel TV (SN-1604-E), 178° viewing angle, Bluetooth, DVD, Satellite & Freeview receiver.


  • Free Gift: Choose between a portable Freeview Antenna, FM and Bluetooth Soundbar or a set of Bluetooth Headphones (Make your Choice on the checkout page)
  • 12 volt power lead for travel use plus mains adapter
  • Freeview and satellite receivers built in
  • Built in DVD player
  • 5.1 Bluetooth enabled
  • USB PVR function for pausing live TV and recording
  • Very low power consumption 12 watts
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Experience a higher quality image from all around your van with our 178° viewing angle you can appreciate a crisp image from wherever you are your van, the kitchen, sitting area or the comfort of your own bed without even having to prop yourself up to see properly.

Whether you looking to feel like your in a cinema or wanting to enjoy your movie to yourself, our TV’s Bluetooth 5.1 capabilities allows you to connect your choice of a free soundbar to offer a high sound quality that can be moved around your van for the best experience, or use the FM feature to enjoy the radio while sat in your awning, or connect your free headphones so you can listen to the crystal clear audio from your TV while others can enjoy the peace and quiet to read their book.

When you are out exploring in the most remote of places and you don’t have signal, the HD Sniper TV offers three solutions to keep you entertained:

All our TVs come with a built in DVD player so no matter how far into the wilderness you go camping, should you lose all signal you can have the guarantee you will be able to use your TV to watch something.

Our TVs come with Easyfind compatible software, to allow an easier set up of your portable satellite dishes Easyfind, works using any Easyfind LNB, which has an LED light on to confirm connection to the satellite, when disconnected a red light shows, when get closer to connection the LED will begin to flash green, once connected to the desired satellite the LED will turn to a solid green light this makes for an easier set up as you will not be having to confirm connection by checking whether you have an image on your TV. Having this software installed into our TVs means you won’t require any 3rd party applications to make the TV compatible with the satellite dish.

The DVB-T2 function allows our TV to be compatible with all types of TV aerials whether it is a portable fitted or Omni-directional antenna.

The DVB-S2 function allows the TV to work with all kinds of satellite dishes manual or automatic.

The USB slot can be used to play your favourite music or movies. The USB PVR functionality allows you to plug in a USB drive to record and playback TV programs as well as pause live TV (*1).

“HDMI-CEC”, short for HDMI Consumer Electronics Control, is an HDMI feature that allows the TV’s remote control and switch to the appropriate input on your own. For example if you have connected your “ Amazon Fire Stick” to your TV, but you’re not using the Fire Stick right now. Instead, you’re watching TV. With HDMI-CEC, you can start casting to your Fire Stick from another device, and the Fire Stick will send a signal to the TV, forcing the TV to switch to the Fire Sticks input.

With the Bluetooth 5.1 feature connect to your favourite Bluetooth devise to a Bluetooth sound bar or Bluetooth headphones. The feature is singular so it allows audio out of the TV, only.

The travel TV comes with a cigarette lighter lead as well as a mains adapter so it can be powered from the 12 volt power supply in your Motorhome, Caravan or boat, a 24 volt supply in a truck or RV or from the mains.

Enjoy your full HD Sniper TV either by mounting it on wall 100mm x 100mm VESA (*2) or by using the included stand.

Includes the option for a free portable Freeview antenna worth £17.99 when purchased from this website so you can watch all the terrestrial TV broadcasts or plug in a satellite dish to receive free-to-air services including freesat.


*1 (USB PVR function requires a USB flash drive or USB hard drive, max 1TB and transfer speed >5MB/s (not included))
*2 (Wall mount no included)

12 Month warranty on purchases from 23/5/19, onwards.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 51 × 373 × 233 cm


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